FREEBIE: Timeline Interaction in Articulate Storyline 2

Sep 30, 2016

Timeline interactions in e-learning are a great way to show the history of a certain topic or to show a process from start to finish. Here’s a super quick way to build a timeline interaction in Articulate Storyline in 5 minutes.

Quick steps:

  1. Set your Story size to 16:9
  2. Add a rectangular shape to the left side of your slide keeping a content area of approx.. 4:3 ratio
  3. Add your content placeholders to the content area
  4. Add a line shape to your timeline area
  5. Add a circle shape to your timeline area and position it on the line shape
  6. Add states to your timeline as required (e.g. hover, down, visited)
  7. Copy the circle shape as many times as you need items on your timeline
  8. Align the shapes by selecting them all and selecting Align vertically from the alignment menu
  9. Create a layer for each timeline item and add your content
  10. Add a trigger to each timeline item that opens its corresponding layer.


You can download the interaction .story file down below.

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