(Freebie!) Unlock the power of exit animations by pausing and resuming the timeline

Jul 05, 2016

Hi all! Check out this simple tabs template that feels "reactive" to user choices (click the picture):


Tabs Template

Why do I prefer this animation format/feel, instead of simply showing content immediately? This way, the user is able to see transitions smoothly and more quickly make sense of what you're showing them.

So how is this done? Each layer has objects with entrance and exit animations, and the following triggers in order:

  1. Pause layer when it reaches "X" seconds on the timeline (or a cue point, if you prefer)
  2. Hide layer when timeline ends
  3. Resume timeline when user clicks button

Download the .story file and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

- Michael Burns

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Rashida Atkins

Thank you very much Michael. I have been working on this concept myself without success so this was right on time. The biggest obstacle I faced when trying to utilize this feature in training was how to manage the audio files, as all the training we produce has to have audio. I think if I add a trigger to each button on the base layer to play a different audio file that may allow me to keep the entrance and exit animations and still keep all the audio files. Thanks again for sharing:)    

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