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Allison LaMotte

Hi Joanamie,

As a word game enthousiast, I love that you created this -- and I loveeven more that you shared the template with the community! :)

As I was playing it I noticed a couple things that I thought I'd point out: 

  • I was a little confused initially because I clicked in the first letter box and nothing happened. It appears that learners can't start immediately. I would maybe add a countdown to "go-time" or a text that says "you can begin when the timer starts" so learners don't think it's a bug.
  • It wasn't immediately obvious to me that I was supposed to drag and drop the letters. While I did eventually figure it out, I would consider adding that instruction to the screen.

Thanks again for sharing! 


Joanamie Colapo

Thank you so much Allison, for your feedback.

 • For your first bullet, I have considered your suggestion and put a Ready-Go text before the timer starts.

• For the second bullet, It actually had a Guide in the main menu probably it wasn't that noticeable but it is located in the left portion of the screen when you hover your mouse to it, it will say Guide. When you click on it, a lightbox will show, that gives you an information on how to play the game including the scoring.



John Morris

This is very cool.  A great example of what can be done in Storyline.

I liked the graphics very much also, simple shapes, not too many colors.  I especially liked the fly outs on the circular buttons.

When I got to "green" I wondered how the double "e" would be handled and it worked perfectly.

Nice job, thanks for sharing.