Freelance Articulate Presenter help needed asap


I run a company that uses articulate films in training. Up until now I have produced them myself but as we are expanding rapidly with global customers, translating films into numerous languages, I no longer have time.

What I need help with initially is troubleshooting some existing films, where a couple of slides have double audio. Hopefully not more than a few hours work, and not the most exiting assignment for sure, but a first step.

How we move from here I cant say for sure, but since our volumes are growing (and my available time shrinking just as fast) there is a good chance we could have more use of eachother once we get started.

Best regards,

Kristian Rosvall

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Kristian! I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing overlapping audio...I'd recommend checking out the suggestions that Justin shares in this forum conversation. If that doesn't resolve the issue, would you mind submitting your files to our support team? We'd be happy to take a look and help you out!