Freelance help with course design/writing - help!!

Hi all, I'm developing a subscription based pre/postnatal e-learning course which dovetails with the face to face learning element. I have a large amount of material and really need some help in understanding what makes a great course plus some help on the writing and interactive elements. Can anyone help?

Thank you

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Ray Cole

Great courses drive learner practice. They are not about content; they are about what learners should do with that content. Focus on what you are training people to do, not on what they need to know.

Once you've figured out what learners need to do, design some situations where they will have the opportunity to do those things. For example, if your audience is postnatal nurses, maybe they need practice recognizing the signs of possible infection in newborns or their moms. Can you put them (virtually) in hospital room with a newborn and his or her mom and allow the learner to take vital signs, take temperatures, and so on, in order to ultimately decide, based on the evidence they've collected, whether to alert the doctor to a possible infection or not?

For each skill you are teaching, create one or more situations that give learners practice using that skill to solve realistic challenges. 

If you focus your course on these skills and the challenges they solve, you will have a great course.