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Aug 02, 2012

Hi, and welcome to the "Freelance Heroes" thread, a place where Articulate Freelancers help each other. Got a question about freelancing? Or perhaps you have an e-learning asset that may be valuable to those "doin' their own thing"? This is the place to share--to give.

To start things off, I'd like to share a short list of questions that help me figure out what kind of training a potential client wants. (So often they have no idea what they want.) The list is far from exhaustive, but may be of some help. Looking forward to meeting you. --Daniel  

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Carin Bigrigg

Hi, Bobby,

You did indeed post to the right place.  The folks here are awesome.

I'd like to help, if you're interested; I'm an experienced e-Learning developer and have been using Storyline since its beta days.  And I'm local, if Corvallis counts as local to a company in Portland.

Let me know if I can help,


Bitesize Edu

Dear all

We are aneducation company based in Hong Kong. Our website –

We are launching an e-learning platform at the end of 2014or earlier. Our online platform will be offered to a large number of schools inHong Kong, both primary and secondary. 


We arecurrently looking for e-learning professionals to participate in our project. Weare looking for experienced Articulate Storyline designers who has a proventrack record (supported by samples from their portfolio) and a background in instructionaldesign. A bonus for those who have a degree in English Language or a relatedsubject.

Pleasecontact us via email at fax on (+852) 2675 6882 orby whatsapp on (852) 9175 2100. 

Keep oncreating great content everyone!

The BitesizeTeam

You can alsocheck us out on:



Christine Cole

Hello everyone!

I am so thrilled to have found this forum. I have been working on Articulate Storyline and love it's flexibility. I am a filmmaker AND an eLearning professional. I feel it is my job to tell a story (which is how we learn best!) in an engaging and creative way, but still be precise and efficient! I have references from large Healthcare Organizations and important nonprofits!

Please contact me at! I am located in Albuquerque, NM.

Let me know what I can help you out with today!

Thank you,

Christine Cole

Hany Ismael

Hi All,

I am looking for a storyline developer to help us in our website courses. mainly, we have PowerPoint presentations which we want to convert into interactive courses. The presentations also includes a note in each slide which you need to convert to voice ( i use Ivona reader) you can use any similar software. This is ongoing business so i am looking for a long term cooperation.

If you are interested, please send me an email

Best Regards,


D. Mirsky

Hi, everyone. I posted a similar message a few weeks ago in the Articulate Storyline forum, but someone suggested I also post here.

A few weeks ago, I finished my first Storyline project, using Storyline's 30-day trial. The final version of my project is here: (it will open in a new window).

I created the project because I'm unemployed and I met someone (I will call him Joe) who works for a Fortune 500 company; he creates all their e-learning projects using Storyline. Joe said he could find freelance work for me as an instructional designer at his company if I created a sample project in Storyline to show I know how to use the software.

Joe also suggested the topic of conducting better business meetings, since it's a subject that is relevant to all businesses. I'm not an expert on that topic, so I bought and read a few books.

I'd also never heard of instructional design before talking with Joe, but he suggested I read Michael Allen's book, Guide to E-learning, which I did.

Anyway, I created the project, but Joe now says his company is going through major restructuring and he has no work for me and won't until the company's situation changes — which could take many months.

However, I've already spent lots of time and over $300 making my project and so I'd like to find work without Joe. (I use a Mac and the $300 included Parallels and Windows 7. I also spent money on voice-over narration and some stock images for my project).

Consequently, I'm wondering if people in this forum can give me some advice on how to find work on my own. I feel that my project shows that I know how to write, that I have a basic grasp of e-learning principles, that I'm comfortable using audio and graphics, that I know how to use humor, and that I understand how to use Storyline.

I also think using Storyline is fun.

However, I'm wondering: is one sample project enough to start finding paying work? If it is, how should I go about finding that work?

Joe did give me the name of a woman at a recruiting agency here in the Los Angeles area and I plan to call her this week, but I have no other leads.

Another concern I have: since I finished my demo project, Storyline 2 was released. I'm now also worried that my project is less useful as a work sample because I used an older version of Storyline.

I also haven't purchased Storyline yet. As I said, I used the 30-day trial. I had created the sample project with the understanding that the work I got through Joe would cover the costs of the software; but that didn't happen and I'm not sure I can buy the software (which is now $1800 after October 15th) without having some income that will cover its cost.

Anyway, any advice is appreciated. Other than calling the recruiter, I'm not sure what to do next.



Bruce Graham


Firstly, well done for creating a portfolio piece, it's a good start.

Secondly, keep on going - my suggestion is to start developing your skills looking at the Weekly Challenges, there's no "closing date" for any of them.

Thirdly - read all of this thread - several times. It contains the best "instructions" for IDs that I know of, on al topics, anywhere on the planet.

Lastly - in terms of getting the job, just do it all - recruiters, the job ads posted weekly by Articulate, everything. The more things you do, the more likely it is that you will hit one. You could start trying Harry's post 2 above yours?

I wanted a "fulltime salaried" job until I realised I had created a wonderful freelancing business while waiting for that elusive job offer!

Keep going, there are no "answers", and a lot of the time you just need to keep doing.

Hope that helps a bit, and wish you luck.

Nicola Redfearn

Hey D, in your first course you've hit on some key instructional design skills: Storytelling, gameification, interactivity and branching.  I expect there's a lot of developers out there that don't get those ideas even after some time!  

i was going to suggest looking at how you contract more effectively as it seems like you had a fairly weak verbal agreement with Joe about him paying you for work done.  But I see from the credits in your course you've done freelance work before, so maybe that's not new information.  It could be something to look into and firm up though.

i think in the long run Joe has done you a massive favour in getting you started in a new career of ID.

Also, I wouldn't worry about your version being "out of date".  Storyline 1 is still an amazing development tool.   There's not much of a huge leap between 1 and 2.  You don't have to relearn the software.  There's just some cool new features in it.  I'm still on the free trial of 2 while I wait for my company to upgrade, but until that time I'll be cheerfully developing in 1.  (Although I will miss those gorgeous sliders).

KS Meyer

Hello all Articulate Users!

French Canadian accent needed for web based training targeted at Canada for major corporation. About 4-5 hours of narrating script that has already been prepared. Payment negotiable based on experience. Sample recording can be sent to Recording can be done in your own home if you have materials necessary or at our recording office using our hardware and materials if you are in the Rhode Island or South Florida areas. Please email or text 561-603-5992. You can view our website at Thanks!

Suzanne Meyer

Patti Quinn

Hi, everyone!

I work for a custom training development company called Michaels & Associates ( and we are always looking for talented individuals to join our family of consultants. Currently, there are a number of potential projects on the horizon (both ILT and eLearning) and we may have opportunities in the near future for US-based, expert level Instructional Designers, Storyline Developers, and Graphics/Media Developers (or any combination thereof). If your skill sets also include solid project management experience, that's a nice plus for certain projects. Work is done remotely.

We'd love to find people who:
- Have years of experience under their belt with surprisingly little wear and tear to show for it.
- Are part super hero because they have laser vision and see things that no else sees.
- Learn and understand all the idiosyncrasies of each client and project.
- Are self-motivated, communicate well, and regularly brainstorm ideas with others.
- Take pride in their efforts, have a genuine care for clients and learners, and enjoy the work they do. 

If you are interested, please send your resume and links to samples to

Thank you,

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our family of consultants. If you are interested, please - See more at:
onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Hi Patti,

I am not just 'part super hero' I am an actual Articulate Super Hero.

Our companyis known for developing creative solutions for Articulate courses. We handle projects of all size and have developed a project management systems that keeps us on time and maintains quality.

An advantage to hiring a us over a single developer is that you will have a team of talented developers working on your project.

You can contact me directly at



Toby O'Brien

Hello Everyone,

Bit new to the forum so apologies if this is the wrong place, I've been working on a Storyline 2 project for a client of mine, however I've completely hit a ceiling and reached the top of my expertise with it (Im new to storyline). I was wondering if there were any freelancers out there that would be able to help and take on the rest of the project. It's a basic eLearning programme that needs to be hooked into an LMS. The client has now introduced some complex questions into the mix that might require a bit of an expert users.

Would love to hear if anyone is interested in the project and can help! 

Thanks in advance, and happy to provide a ton more information privately if interested! 



Thomas Albright


I'll be happy to look at it.

Give me a call if you are interested.

*Relevant Experience and Qualifications:*

Several years experience with Remote E-Learning Development and LMS
Please refer to our website and Linkedin for Course Demo and References.

*Approach to the Job:*
We can work with anyone and are happy to help in any way we can. Demo located in the SCORM Cloud widget on the
sample page. My Personal Profile. Our Company page.

Please let me know if we can be of assistance in any way.

Thomas E. Albright II
Cell 405-568-1090
[image: Let's connect on Linkedin]

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Hello All!
I'm looking for someone to join our team. I know you are all busy but perhaps you know somebody...

They will be responsible for realizing the clients' vision by transforming storyboards into courses.
Most of our work is done in Storyline 2. They Should be very familiar with Storyline and willing to master SL2.
I very much enjoy showing people how to push Storyline to its limits and use every inch or it. So I am more then willing to work with the right person and help them grow into the position.
Right now I have enough work to keep them busy full-time but I will take part-time if necessary.
They should work fast while maintaining attention to detail and quality.
We would like someone that is reliable and communicates well.
Location doesn't matter.

If you know someone please have them contact me:

Drew Gurewitz

Hello Patti,

This is great!  Please have a look at our online profile @  we are a husband and wife team that does... well, everything eLearning!  

We are well versed in Articulate, Flash, WhiteBoarding, Camtasia, Captivate, HTML, Photoshop and more!  Available around the clock. 

We look forward to further discussing your projects, we are super easy to work with and love what we do :)


Drew  & Maggie

Drew Gurewitz


you hit this subject right on the nail!   We just had this very discussion a few days ago when presenting a new client a demo. The file size for the video was well over the "allowed" 25MB for our email accts, and we really wanted to hit a homerun with this client!  Ended up hosting on our server and streaming the video in a player shell (had to add buffering time).  In the end it was a hit :)

NOW along the lines of sharing with the client we have found the Google docs or FTP seems to be the best animal thus far.   Love your article

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