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Hi, and welcome to the "Freelance Heroes" thread, a place where Articulate Freelancers help each other. Got a question about freelancing? Or perhaps you have an e-learning asset that may be valuable to those "doin' their own thing"? This is the place to share--to give.

To start things off, I'd like to share a short list of questions that help me figure out what kind of training a potential client wants. (So often they have no idea what they want.) The list is far from exhaustive, but may be of some help. Looking forward to meeting you. --Daniel  

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Cynthia Albergo

Hi Dave,


I am interested in this opportunity.  I am expert level in all articulate applications and currently utilize the adobe creative suite.  I have been developing training for 20+ years and developing elearning courses since 2005.  If  your interested in learning more, please respond using

KIndest regards,


Heather Vogt

I am so happy to have found this thread!! I'm going to take the plunge in a handful of years to start my own ID firm. I'm slowly but surely adding ideas to my Notes app on my iPhone, Google Drive, etc. So many ideas! I just need a place to put them all!

Anyway,  a question I've always had regarding freelance is how you handle health insurance and retirement. With retirement you can invest on your own like a 401k, but is that how you guys handle that? Also, I'm interested in health insurance not associated with a spouse; how do you handle that? If it matters, I live in the US; our health insurance system is a little...messed up to say the least. Thanks for any help you guys are amazing!  

Gabriela Rodas

E-Learning Developer (freelance opportunity)

MCIS, a language service provider in Toronto, Canada, is looking for an E-Learning developer to develop 8 online modules of our new Translator Training Program. If you have E-Learning development experience and have a passion to create social impact, this is the perfect opportunity.  

MCIS’ training program was created to offer translation training opportunities to professionals who work in non-official languages, which will then help different language and cultural communities have access to information and services through professionally done translations. The program is very comprehensive and includes introductions to popular and emerging fields like Subtitling, Transcription, Transcreation and Localization.  

As a contractor, the developer can work remotely and should have about 2 years experience, and be able to work in Storyline 2.

If interested and available to work on this project March – May, please respond to this thread with contact info to get more project details.

Patti Myers


Hi.  I am interested in working with you on this project opportunity.  I have been an instructional designer for 20+ years and have worked on e-learning development in Storyline for the last 3 years.  I love working on projects that make a positive impact on others.  I can be reached at  Thank you for your consideration.


Justin Lloyd

Hi there. We have a question bank of approximately 30 questions. Our quizzes consist of 20 questions. Some random and some fixed. I am in need for someone to show me how I can show the question number so the students know which question number out of 20 they're on. I understand that I need to place a text box with %QuestionCounter% where we want this number to appear, but I don't know how to setup the triggers necessary to accomplish this. Can someone assist me with this? Scene 2 attached.

Justin Lloyd

Michael I sure appreciate your help today. You really saved my bacon on this because it’s a time sensitive project.

One last request if you don’t mind. How do you reset the counter back to 1 if the learner wants to review his exam attempt from the results slide? Currently if they review their attempt, the quiz shows 21 of 20 questions answered instead of 1 of 20 questions. Many thanks in advance!

Justin Lloyd, A.A.S Information Technology


Justin Lloyd

Hi Wendy,

I’ve added the triggers, but apparently still doing something wrong. I just can’t seem to reset the question count after clicking the “review quiz” button. I know it has to be something simple or I’m creating the trigger in the wrong place. Can you please help? I seldom frequent the board, but this is super important. Many thanks.


Justin Lloyd

I must be doing something totally wrong. I can’t seem to get it to reset. It’s probably something ridiculously simple.

I created the new trigger and put it above the other trigger, but it still shows 21 of 20 questions when I review the quiz.

Justin Lloyd, A.A.S Information Technology