Freelance v. Full Time

Hello All, I am wondering how many people on here are soley freelance/self-employed v. how many people work for a company/school and do additional work on the side?

For me, I enjoy my work more when I can pick and choose projects that I know I will enjoy work on, however the security of a corporate paycheck has always won out...

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Christy Tucker

I've been working independently for 5.5 years. The income does have its ups and downs, but I would be hard pressed to go back to working in a cubicle farm again.

I think job security is mostly a myth anyway. Corporate jobs aren't exactly a guarantee either. In some respects, being freelance gives you more security.

One way to think about is like your 401(k) or other investments. You wouldn't invest all your money in a single company for your retirement, right? But you are counting on a single company to give you all your income now if you work as an employee. If one of my consulting projects falls through, I still have money coming in from other clients. I never rely on a single client for my entire income.