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Nancy Woinoski

I think it does to a certain extent - especially with some of the bigger organizations who have all these weird procurement rules and rituals. Some of them have no idea how to deal with free lancers.

Case in point, my company (meaning me) used to be on the vendor list for a very large organization and I did a number of highly successful projects for them including their onboarding orientation. Then at one point, the procurement department decided they were going to clean up their vendor list for training and sent all existing vendors an  FRP that we had to respond to just to get back on the vendor list. They put a lot of conditions in place to automatically weed out small fry's. One of the requirements was that the vendor had to have annual revenue that exceeded $1 million and they wanted to see 10 years worth of financial statements.

Jeff Kortenbosch

In a way it does. Especially when it's accompanied by a professional looking website, logo etc.

It just gives (some) clients a more confident feeling of working with an actual company instead of 'just' a freelancer. In my case I'm actually sub contracting some of the work and that makes much more sense if you're seen as a company and not an individual.

Jerson  Campos

Along the same thoughts about how a personal name and a more business like name can bring up different feelings from a client, I read somewhere that when dealing with other businesses/clients you shouldn't refer to yourself as a "freelancer", but something more professional like "consultant".  I've actually noticed a difference in how potential clients react  and how they act towards our negotiations when I started doing this.

Jerson  Campos

Even in our own field, we have changed titles to suit the times. I believe there was a thread a while back asking for help on what title should they give themselves.  

A few examples given (if i remember correctly

Instructional Designer
Learning Manager
Training Consultant
Learning Consultant
Learning Designer
and Instructional Ninja (I've met someone with this title)

For the most part we all do the same thing, but it's how we want to be perceived in the organization we are in or who we do business with.


*edit - I call dibs on Instructional Ronin, or Instructional Commando so I can use this picture more often.

 Instructional Commando