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David Anderson
Jeanne Bernui

Most people can't remember the correct spelling of my first, nor my last name...

Good point regarding spelling, Jeanne. I can see where that could pose a challenge.

Reminds me a bit of the days when people hosted their sites with AOL or Geocities and they'd have these long, muddled domain names replete with special characters.

The best was when they advertised on the radio and the announcer would read the names.

"Tilde? What's a tilde? Backslash?? Wait, is that the one that goes left or right? "

Ahh the good 'ol days:-)

Paul Alders

Great stories Guys....thx for asking David!

Before I started my own business I worked as a teacher in vocational education. During this time I started developing my own online teaching materials.

Firstly , because I wanted to provide picture -thinking students with appropriate teaching materials and secondly , because I think any class or study must be inspiring.

The above has led to my company name EyeSpirations . A corruption of Eye catching and inSpirations.

Tegid Griffiths

My wife came up with the name for my company. She used my first name Tegid and the word ideas, so the company name is tegIdeas. We made the 't' lowercase and the 'I' for ideas in uppercase as we are about creativity and idea generation.

my webpage is www.tegideas.com but I also bought the domain names for tegtalks.com and tedideas.com based on suggestions from a local media group that meet each month.

Paul S.

Hafton - One day I was meeting with a potential client and he asked, "What can you do for me?" I told him that I could get him half a ton more production per hour than was currently being produced. Both being Southern folk he said, "Haf ton, huh"? Yes I said. Haf ton....

Hafton and Hafton Systems® were born that day



Chris Wirick

Old thread but great topic. Seems the biggest challenge these days is not coming up with a creative company name but coming up with a creative company name for which the web domain isn't already being 1) used or 2) squatted upon. :(

It never fails to amaze me when I find domains already registered (and generally unused) for names that seemed so completely unique or unusual. I really wish the Powers That Be would clamp down on domain squatting.

milad hajizade

The law firm registered in the nineties, with a small investment and started by a group of experts and legal experts. And today, with the new brand (registration filing), it has entered into the legal field of the country's trade law, and in a short space of time, with the use of accumulated experience, administrators have voluntarily become one of the most advanced private sector legal entities; ® Dominance in the market (company registration, brand registration, rank, etc.) With more than hundreds of personal, corporate and institutional customers, Iran has been able to take effective steps to support its loyal customers as a profit company in pursuit of its long-term goals.