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Christina Stephenson

This was some complicated work - great job Montse! I did my best to use the template you provided. I got it to work but certainly didn't understand what I was doing :p Glad you were able to figure it out and provide the template for all of us - You've got a developer's mind, that's for sure Now I just need to find the time to wrap my head around all the logic you used!

If you'd like to take a peek, here's what I came up with: http://goo.gl/O0ECj 


I love your demo, Christina! Great job and great idea!

I will put a Screenr together for you on how I put it together.

I can't take all the credit!  I draw a lot of inspiration and know-how from the members of this community.  Of course, I nudge my favorite Heroes when I need to!

Excellent work, Christina!  I like your idea of using Microsoft products!