Friday Freebie: Illustrated Characters

Hi Everyone,

I was looking through some old files today and bumped into a 4 year old "who are we" poster we had an agency (no clue which one though) create for an internal presentation of our department. I really liked these characters and feel it would be a shame to have them be forgotten, so I quickly created a basic set for the community to enjoy.

They're all basic grouped PowerPoint shapes so you can easily adjust hair, skin and clothing colors. A couple have a nice bold border around the bodies, again just a big circular shape, which you can add and remove as you wish.

You can simply add little items to customize your character as I did with the mini-me in the right-bottom corner.

Happy Weekend!


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Laura M
Joshua Roberts

Jeff Kortenbosch said:


@Jerson tnx, again, I can't take any design credit, I just recreated them and added a few simple items to diversify!

Hello Jeff, what I've done is taken a mix of some of my designs and your designs and merged them together. I've created a bit more diversity for everyone and a couple more character models. I hope this just adds to your collection and gives people a wider choice to select from!


Joshua Roberts

Jeff Kortenbosch said:

Hahaha, I good one Cary.

Joshua, I really like the thin line thick line detail in the doctors outfits. You've got me thinking of doing themed characters. E.g heathcare, construction, Law etc... Could be very cool.

I'm already underway with a Law set. I'll post the results once completed! I think it would be a nice resource to be able to draw from. 

Thanks Jeff, I'll keep you up to date.