Friday Freebie: Mock Mouseclick

Dec 01, 2017

Happy Friday! This is my first freebie that I'm sharing with the community and it's very simple, but it solved a problem I was having so I figured I'd share.

ISSUE: Storyline (I use 360) doesn't allow more than one automated mouse animation per slide, and I needed one per layer.  I had used the automated mouse elsewhere in associated modules, so I wanted something that was aesthetically similar.

SOLUTION: You can preview it here, and download the Storyline 360 file below.

I've included all variations in the one sample, but obviously you could choose to  change or remove the loading icon, and take only one of either the button depression or the red circles.

As you can see, I'm still working on finding the right cursor icon- the one I have now renders blurry, but all the mechanics are in place!


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