From mental image to implementation

Hi, folks. This is one of the questions asked in advance of the European Conference in Leeds - I am hoping that, by posting it here, we may get some more ideas for the participants to ponder over on the day. Also, apologies if these questions have already been answered elsewhere - the fault is entirely mine for not looking properly. Now the question and many thanks in advance to you all for your suggestions:

Not so much the technical side, but the inspiration side. How to decide what kind of visuals will suit a project, and then how to design something that matches what's in your head! Having said that, the resources and communities out there have been immeasurably useful!

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Dragos Ciobanu

Indeed, I've read quite a few really useful things on the forum on that and I am certain I have missed tons more, unfortunately... Here is one of Tom's early posts on scenario-based resources which helped me out a couple of years back (but, like I said, it's one in thousands). Now I am enjoying David's Building Better Courses tutorials no end, as well as the really imaginative tutorials posted by Jeanette and all the other Jedi in the community on Screenr. 

Dragos Ciobanu

Steve Rayson from Kineo has kindly shared the following resources with us. I'm sure you'll find inspiration there, as well: