Fueling creative juices when away from your computer!

Oct 28, 2014

Ok....so I should start a club for AAA (App Addicts Anonymous).  Have you ever been somewhere waiting with only your phone in hand and are thinking about an e-learning project you are working on but you are away from your computer?  

Trying to find the right font for the look and feel of your project but alas, you are stuck in the doctor's office waiting to be seen.  I like to have mobile tools at my disposal that I can quickly access in these instances.  I recently downloaded an app called Fontasy which lists tons and tons of fonts to help fuel your creative juices.  

Its a great tool that I hope to use in the future if I'm ever stuck somewhere waiting and an idea strikes me when I am far away from my computer.  Hope this tool helps you too.  

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Matthew Bibby

Yep, same. Inspiration is everywhere!

I remember years ago being really moved by this video, which was made using a cell phone and street signage. Since then I often find myself making sentences out of different signs I see. By doing so, of course, I'm paying more attention to them and notice many details I used to miss.

I also often record interesting sounds that I think I might be able to reuse down the track, but they never quite work out as well I hope!

Jesi Watts

That sounds like a great idea. I do the same when I see a great color palette to create when I return home to my computer as well, but I never thought about signage, etc....

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