Full LMS and other tools - advice for a novice please!

Aug 16, 2014

Hi there

I own and run a staffing and headhunting firm in New Zealand, we only have one hobbit on the team before you ask.

Theres some complexity to my need which ive endeavored to outline below. Ideally we're looking for one system to enable the whole thing!

We need a system that enables us to import our own skill framework. This consists of x skills and each has 5 levels of ability – novice through guru.

We want to be able to map all of our different consulting roles according to our framework. This is best visualised in an x and y axis - x encompasses the different jobs in our organisation, and then y listing the responsibilities and what level you will need to be at with that responsibility (ie novice to guru as above). Sitting behind this is 1) a descriptor of what is entailed at each of these levels 2) what the outcome is and 3) the activity required to get there, the measure and assessment mechanism.

The last piece is the training content repository, this holds the multimedia material, a manager console to ensure training is completed and ideally some form of assessment (where possible given a subjective 'on the job' assessment is most appropriate for the majority of the responsibilities within this business). We would like navigation to the content to be from the map of each role (which details the skills and required levels for each role) described above.

Thanks in advance


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Stephen Cope

Hi Josh,

You can do this in Totara, http://www.totaralms.com/

You can create your own organisational framework and map the job roles within your business to the framework. The courses you create can then be mapped to the organisation or to the position.

I think its worth taking a look at as it meets your requirements.



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