Fun Interaction Feedback Messages

Hi best eLearning Team ever!

I am looking fun or light-hearted examples of messages people have used in their feedback layers for questions/interactions. The green check mark and 'Correct' is a bit boring and the big red X and 'Incorrect' are a bit old school and in your face.

How can we deliver the desired message but keep it more light-hearted?
What examples have you seen or created?

Please share your ideas.
Thanks in advance!

For example:
- Correct Layer: did you know that!?! Well done ;)
- Incorrect Layer: Let's think about this one a bit more. I like your style though!

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Sarah Bezanson

I have had good feedback on using the following phrases. They are too casual for some businesses, but others like the more youthful/conversational feel.

  • Damn... you've got some mad skills!
  • Look at you strut your stuff!
  • Are you just showing off? Because that is totally RIGHT ON.

For incorrect responses:

  • Not quite. Want to try this one again? (where multiple attempts enabled)
  • Close, but no cigar. Good try though!

Any help in those for you?