Functionality changed but triggers and variables stayed the same...? HELP!

I had this course working perfectly one day ago.  I turned it over to reviewers and they had problems with this one slide.  I cannot explain why it is not working and would appreciate any advice, please.  

The idea is to disable the "Next" button until the user visits all the wedges of the pie.  The variables are all set to a default of "False" and the "Next" button should remain disabled until they are all "True".  However, the "Next" button returns to a normal state when only one variable is "True".  Thoughts?


Unfortunately, I have encountered this in a least two other modules with a similar function.  I solved it there by building multiple triggers (one for each variable) but that doesn't seem like it should be necessary and is getting to be a lot of work. 

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Judy Nollet

What Michael & Phil said. It'd help to see the trigger for enabling the NEXT button.

Here's how I'd program this, with only 1 variable: 

  • Ensure that each wedge has a Visited state (even if it looks exactly like the Normal state). 
  • Enable NEXT when the state of all the wedges = Visited. 
  • Create 1 T/F variable to track whether the interaction is complete. Let's call it pieDone.
  • For the trigger that disables NEXT, use only the condition that pieDone is False.
  • Add a trigger that adjusts pieDone to True when the state of all the wedges = Visited. 

BTW, if you want to force the users to click the items in order, you could use similar enabling triggers. For example, enable Standards, Policies & Procedures when the state of Oversight is Visited; enable Education & Training when Standards, Policies & Procedures is Visited, etc.