Galleries - Best way to Build Them

Apr 19, 2017

I have seen some great examples of image galleries in the forum, but no orientation on how to build them. 
I just need a gallery on a layer, to show a series of two or three images.
Layer would open on image 1 and show arrows or thumbnails allowing access to the other images. A button to close the layer and direct back to the base layer should be available all the time.
How should I build this? With triggers or one layer for each image?
I´m sure there is an elegant way to do it.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Allison LaMotte

HI Marcos! 

There are many different ways to built an image gallery in Storyline, and I'm not sure there is one that is necessary better than another.

If there's a specific gallery example that you like and would like to reproduce, I would suggest adding a comment to the example so the author can help you out!

Otherwise there are bunch of image gallery downloads so you can download one or more to see how they're set up. Here are some links:

Hope that helps! :)

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