Game Ideas for Boring Process Flow Training

Hi! I've been asked to create a course in Storyline 2 to introduce people to an updated process flow for getting new courses through the Learning Department. I was thinking of trying a game type of idea and had thought of something like Candy Land - all the steps to get to the end. I thought I'd have some luck with templates but I haven't really found something. Anyone have a template? Or a good/better/more interesting idea for presenting a process flow? I've thought about colored tabs or a circle animation, but that seems kind of boring. I'll have 5-7 steps with additional information for each step. There may be some examples of forms to be filled out as well. 

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David Price

I was about to suggest something like Game of Life and then Googled Candy Land and it looks pretty similar :)

I have used Monopoly in the past which worked quite well and there are some good vector images out there which are free to use which will give you the board.  I used it to demonstrate a process with things like Chance cards to take you back in the process if you do something wrong, the Go to Jail if you mess up the whole process, and the Go as the end of the process process where it is completed and you are back to the start to make a new process.

I allowed the user to select their playing piece and they clicked a button to roll the dice (although it wasn't a random roll, it was set to show a specific number to move you on to where I wanted the user to be).  As they go round the board they collect cards and chance cards which are added at the bottom.

This course was developed very quickly (and in Captivate) so there are probably a lot of other ways in which it can be improved.