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Hi everyone,

I'm building a "Who wants to be a Millionaire" type quiz, and I've been looking for a background image of a game show studio. I've looked in most the stock image sites, but so far have been unable to find anything (I've found plenty of news studios or concert stages, but not anything that would resemble a game show studio). I'm about to give up and just use an abstract background instead, but I thought I would ask here first in case anyone knows of anything (No problem paying for the image, by the by). 



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Joseph Flanagan


Have to say, I'm a bit surprised that there aren't any backgrounds of that. But I'm resigned to the abstract background now. I suspect if the question and answer lozenges look good, than it should work OK. Now I just have to figure out how to convert a trapezoid shape from PowerPoint into the more curved versions in Millionaire. 

By the way, I wanted to thank you for the Jeopardy quiz you provided. I use your "trick" for a count-down timer all the time. 


Jackie Van Nice

Hi Joe!

I did a Google search for the WWTBAM background image, and it seems like the various versions that come up are pretty simple, so I think your and Alexandros' ideas of doing something abstract should work just fine. 

As far as editing your trapezoid shapes in PPT, have you tried the reshaping or edit points options? Here's an explanation of both:

Good luck!


Joseph Flanagan


Thanks for sharing. I had originally had something similar, but I had one of the illustrated characters instead (the background is just filler for right now until I think of something else). I tried producing the clock in Storyline, but had a lot of trouble aligning the smaller circles so I had to import something from PowerPoint. 

Jackie, I did see how to try it in PowerPoint with the edit points. I just have a bit of trouble getting everything symmetrical. But I'm probably overthinking this. (I probably spending way too much time designing this). 

Thanks again for the suggestions everyone. 


Alexandros Anoyatis

Joseph Flanagan said:

I tried producing the clock in Storyline, but had a lot of trouble aligning the smaller circles so I had to import something from PowerPoint.

I totally get what you went through with this... There is a way to overcome this though. You can use a slightly larger circle than the timer as a circumference guide. 1) Create a temporary Full circle shape, with shape fill same as background, and border fill (with a contrasting colour).2) Create a 2nd temporary pie shape with both shape and border fill as your background colour. Initially fill the pie to create a circle (which hides the 1st one) and then slowly increment the empty space so as to create a guide for your smaller circles. That, OR just find a 30 second circular timer image (containing dots or similar), place it as a temporary semi-transparent guide on top, and use that until you align correctly.P.S. : There is a 3rd way (always is, right?) where you can mathematically adjust positioning of each individual circle to form another (larger) one...P.S.2 : Since these "30 second" circles aren't intersecting, any size adjustment will totally mess things up, so be careful to decide on their size beforehand.
Joseph Flanagan

What I had tried to do (and wound up doing in Powerpoint, was to place a small circle at the top and at the bottom of the larger circle (aligned in the center). I then grouped the two small circles, made 15 copies, aligned each with the centered group and then tried to rotate The groups on multiples of 12 degrees. Storyline broke down when I tried to rotate a group, so I had to do in it in a Powerpoint and import. 

Bruce Graham

Alexandros Anoyatis said:

Hey Bruce,

Was the video on slide 2 (before the menu if memory serves right) sourced by a client or did you produce it yourself?


Hi Alex,

I designed it with the client, and then I have a video guy that does that for me. We did get to design the new "CCC" bottle logo that you see at the end, which was quite a cool thing to be asked to do for that particular company