Game Template: Pump It Up!


I thought I would share a game that I recently created for one of my clients. This game is called Pump It Up. It was intended to be used as a fun in-class review activity which completion and quiz results could be tracked. The loading screen you see is actually a Results slide that is set to advance automatically on timeline start.

What it is: This personalized game show quiz allows users to "pump up" the point value of the question they are about to answer by rapidly clicking the "Point-O-Matic" pump. After 10 questions they are met with a Super Bonus question which learners can then wager a portion or all of their accumulated points. At the end they can cash in their points for a video prize. Prizes also come with a unique code which learners can enter in the name entry field to jump to their prizes if they revisit the activity later.

Attached is the Storyline file.

Thanks and enjoy!


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Brett Schlagel

I double checked the hyperlink and it was set to go where I needed it to. When clicked it opened a new Articulate tab, when copied and pasted it opened properly. I updated the hyperlink to go to the lengthier address and tested. It now works when clicked. Thanks for that catch!