Games within Courses (My first attempt at multiple within one build)

First off, thank you for visiting my discussion and I appreciate any help you can provide with regards to my attempt at "gamifying" a course.

My thoughts are to work with my graphics team around learning and scored breaks/testing using games such as:

- Custom fill in the blank (3-4 blanks in order to complete a sentence)

- Custom drag and drop 

- A mock Jeopardy challenge

- Memory match game

- A few more ideas to come....

My gameplan would be to allow only 1 attempt for each one of the games above that would lead to a tallied score at the end of the module along with a toolbar button that would provide "snapshot" score ex. say the first 2/4 games are completed.

Would anyone mind sharing their best examples and/or choice tutorials as I'd love to have a peer recommended starting point for each?

Beyond grateful for any guidance!

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Trina Rimmer

Hi RJ. Sounds like you've got an exciting project in the works!

When you mentioned looking for some examples of multiple "games" rolling up into one result, that reminded of Phil Mayor's Guru winning project Enter the Ninja—a series of mini-games for ninja training. 

You may also want to check out this recent round-up of free e-learning game downloads to see if you can find some creative inspiration for your project. 


Trina and Daniel - thank you x 100

This was beyond helpful and so informative!

With regards to a drag and drop:

I wanted to create a sentence with six words missing - participant would have to choose from a pool of 12 words that would be floating around the page.  If the term is correct and in the right spot = it would change color to a green and stick to the page whereas if wrong, the term would go red.  This would be scored obviously.

Is there an example or process to employ for this?  I wanted to allow for 3 attempts only.