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Feb 11, 2016

Treasure hunter was designed with the intention of being a fun learning aid to a language learning course. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by collecting treasure. Learners are encouraged to explore the forest and unlock paths by translating words. New words can be found as scraps of paper in the forest and the learner is played an audio version of each word they discover to aid pronunciation. Each word is also added to the in game notebook which the learner can refer back to whenever they wish.

It's only a short demo to show of the functionality of the game. I'm been creating this in my free time, which has been lacking lately, so I thought it best to share it now since progress is quite slow.

The format of the game was inspired by this game created by Phil Mayor quite a while ago which I found on this thread.

Feedback is welcome. I'd love to hear people opinion of the game and suggestions to improve it.

Game link: 

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David Anderson

Very cool, Josh!

I like the way you used slide transitions between each scene. I know this was only a short demo but I really got into it. We did a weekly challenge around language, spelling, and grammar examples. If you like, you're welcome to add your example to the challenge and we'll include it in the recap:

Side note: I noticed you have an extra space (%20) in your link above. I was able to catch it and delete it to view your file. You might want to update the link so others don't miss it.

Correct link:


Punam Parab

A very nice and interactive game, Josh! Liked your idea of including a game notebook as a job aid. Fits well within the scope of the game. Loved the graphics too. They are simple and do not hinder learning.

Just a suggestion: May be you could include background sounds that will play when a learner performs certain task. Like a paper crumbling sound when the learner closes the screen after reading the word on given on a paper scrap.

Also, a big thanks for mentioning the thread. Was not aware of it.

Loved the logos that you have displayed under your Portfolio, especially the Broad Oak One.:)



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