Gamification for learning aronyms

My client org is a complex, government dept with a huge amount of acronyms.  As part of the induction they are redeveloping they want to include 2 stand alone online 'games'.  One of them is to acts as an acronym buster type game to get new employees as familiar with the org's acronyms as possible in a fun way.  They bandied the 'lisence plate' game around as a structure to follow however I can't see that relating.  Any ideas from the group on a great way to apply gamification (simple is fine) to learning an organisations acronyms?

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Joshua Roberts

You could always consider a game show style concept here. Introduce the acronym and then give potential answers.

Maybe a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" format would work for something like this - it would allow you to get a little bit creative with the 'lifelines' you could use.

Because you're using a restricted format it's a little more difficult to implement a wider range of gaming techniques. For this I would still with a simply premise and build in some nice scoring (again WWTBAM works for this) to associate with the acronyms.

It all depends on the budget you've been given for how far you can push the boundaries, but because you've indicated that simple is fine I think these are good options for you.

If you do want any creative help feel free to check out my blog on Gaming in Training there are several articles on there which will help you to use game mechanics to improve E-Learning pieces.

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