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Trina Rimmer

Hi Rita. Thanks for the great question. Gamification has definitely been a hot topic in L&D for a while now and I do think that's gaining more traction with business leaders. As sociologists share more of their research findings around human behavior drivers, the use of game mechanics seems to be an emerging theme and a natural fit for some of the goals typically associated with workplace learning—increasing awareness, enhancing autonomy, spurring competition, encouraging discovery, and nurturing creativity. 

If  you're looking for some more reading on the topic, Nicole Legault wrote this nice article on Gamification and how game mechanics can be applied in e-learning. This article is a great overview and helps to summarize the ideas without delving into buzzword bingo! I also found Karl Kapp's writings on Gamification (particularly "The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Fieldbook: Ideas into Practice") to be really helpful in framing my thinking and ideas.

Joshua Roberts

Hello Rita,

I know we've now caught up on Twitter but here is the link to my thread on E-Learning Heroes where I discuss the use of gamification - Full Thread Here.

I've been working with clients over the last 12 months who have been outright requesting gamification - this trend has only increased in popularity over the past 3 months. Clients across all sectors want to understand what gamification entails and how best to utilise it. 

You are doing the right thing by exploring gamification fully before making a decision, far too many people do not truly understand the term.

You can also check out my blog here - Gaming in Training.

Rita Garcia

Hi Trina! Thanks for your reply.

It's good to know that gamification is gaining traction with business leaders. I fear that most people don't understand that gamification is more than scores and leaderboards, like Nicole says (great article by the way!), and that it ends up not going beyond that, leaving all it's potential behind.

I've read The Gamification of Learning and Instruction. Great book, higly recommend it. Definitely going to read this one too! Thanks for your suggestion!

Rita Garcia

Hi Joshua! Indeed, thanks for getting in touch :)

Great to see that gamification is gaining popularity. And hopefully on a good use of game elements and techniques and not only scores and leaderboards? Do you find this as well? I still see a lot of people, clients and e-learning providers included, that their definition of gamification is a regular e-learning... with some points.

I'm looking to improve my skills in gamification, but before investing a full effort on that I'm trying to understand how the market is responding.

Loved the blog, this is how people should be interpreting gamification!