Gamification Using Ambient Sounds [DEMO]

Jul 16, 2019

Hi everyone!

Here's a demo I have been working on recently which uses ambient sounds to set the scene (a dark, mysterious cave) and also as part of the challenge.

Escape from Red Rackham's Caves


To help you decide which way to go, you need to listen to the sounds coming from each tunnel entrance and decide which sound meets the cryptic clue written on each scroll.

All sounds are CC0 and/or free for Non-Commercial Use with credits, and I've provided a list of sources at the end of the demo.

The demo does include one visual element that I have paid for, which I don't have licence to redistribute (can you guess which image?), so I have not attached the full source file here.  However, I will be blogging about how I built this demo and the wonderful resource that is in the coming weeks.

This was also a good opportunity to experiment with the closed captioning feature, so those with hearing impairments can still enjoy this demo. Describing sounds without giving the answers away is an art in itself, but also a lot of fun.

Hope you like it. Any questions, get in touch.


P.S. I'd like to thank Jonathan Rock and Jac Hutchinson for their advice while I developed this. Great suggestions that really improved the final demo.


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