Get Started on Twitter in 10 Steps - Peer Review?

Jan 02, 2015

While completing the graph and statistics challenge I was asked by a fellow community member if I could point her to or go more in depth about my subject matter (Twitter).  I figured this would be a great opportunity for me to put my previous knowledge, investigation skills, and Instructional Design skills to the test by creating a full length introductory course about Twitter.  

Insert mass applause as I proudly introduce "Get Started on Twitter in 10 Steps".


Story files (Storyline 2): 

Since this spawned from a challenge project I find myself with a lack of reviewers and no SME.  Would you guys mind providing me feedback on my project?  I would love to see what suggestions, comments or concerns you have.

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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Jen!

Great idea for a demo. Since you asked, I'll chime in:

  • You've got a TON of good info in there, so I think you achieved your goal of making it thorough. Definitely a stem-to-stern job!
  • The colors, fonts, and images all seem to be consistent and play nicely together.
  • It seems like maybe you've locked down the navigation? I thought there must be something wrong with my connection when I couldn't get the screen to respond as I tried to take a quick look at it the first time - but after coming back to it again a few hours later I see you've probably just locked it down. It definitely stopped me from getting more than a few screens in, and since most people like to explore (especially since you're dealing with people at different levels of Twitter knowledge - they might not need to create a new account, but they'd love to jump ahead to some of the later steps), I'd suggest making the navigation free.

I hope that helps a bit. That was a heck of a project to put together and I think you did a great job. Very savvy to ask for feedback, too!

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jennifer, I've been trying to figure out twitter for ages so thanks so much for putting this together. I love twitter but still don't know if it works for me as a marketing tool. You gave me some great inside as to how to structure tweets which might be part of my problem with twitter.

I love the look and feel of your course - the one suggestion that I have (and I see that Jackie mentions it as well) is that you might want to consider unlocking the navigation. At first I thought that the course froze on me because I could not move forward but then I could so I guess you have the nav set to unlock when the timeline ends. 

Oh and if anyone else wants to put what they learned here into practice - my twitter account is @pinchedhead



Allison LaMotte

Hi Jennifer,

Nice work! I really like the font you used. Do you mind telling me what it is called?

I'm going to have to agree with Jackie and Nancy here: The locked navigation is confusing especially since the progress bar is not visible, so sometimes I try to click on next and it doesn't work right away (I'm assuming that is because the slide duration has not yet lapsed). 

There also seems to be an issue on this slide:

Bug on slide

The other 4 categories never appeared on the screen for me. Anyone else have this issue?

Other than that, looks pretty good! :)


Jennifer Valley

The name of the font is "Skinny" and it's a free download on DaFont.  

You can find it here:

I did find that the punctuation items don't really match the style and can seem some what oversize.  You kind of have to play with them to get them to look right.

Allison LaMotte

Thanks Jennifer! I downloaded it :) Also, FYI it looks like the last letter got cut off in your link. It still works if you copy/paste the link into your browser, but not if you click on it. You may want to pop in and correct that.

I had a look at the updated version and it's looking better! Just noticed another couple things you may want to correct.

Screenshot 1

Looks like some of the text is overlapping here (top of the screen) -- was that on purpose? Also, I'm unable to move forward until I've clicked on all the markers. You may want to either unlock the navigation here or put a note on the screen, so people don't think it is a bug.

Screenshot 2

I would suggest adding a still image  under "That's" at the end of the animation, since the slide doesn't automatically advance.

Screenshot 3

It looks like some of the text is still missing here (2 & 3). 

Other than that, looks good. Nice work!



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