Get the original image from the 'Content Library 360'

As i mostly want to edit images slightly...make parts darker or lighter or remove bits or use only part of an image i get the original image from the 360 Content Library and edit that. Also because i found ( and other users too as i recall ) that refinding an already used image in the library can be tough.

So how do you get to your original images ?

1) Hover over the image so you see 'SELECT'
2)Right click and select 'Inspect' ( CTRL + Shift + I )

Then you get the image as seen here...
3) Right click in the styles window on the right the image url..
4) Copy the link-adress and paste it in a new browser window.

As you see its small now. Delete part of the url and you got your image large...

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Math Notermans

Im not 100% sure if all images from the 'Content Library' come directly from Unsplash. Those i doublechecked and downloaded were.

If so, you offcourse can bypass the 'Content Library' alltogether and directly search on Unsplash...
Or use random images from Unsplash like shown here.
Refresh the page and you notice its a random image every time.

Basically its just a WebObject that loads a random image into itself at start.
A sample of that is included here...