Getting layers to work when using a screen reader


I'm wondering how practical it is to have layers when using a screen reader. A client has asked to convert an existing module to make it accessible.

There are a number of scenario questions where the learner needs to pick and answer, and if they get the wrong answer they get some feedback and then close the layer and try again. 

I'm not having much luck getting this to work and wondered if there were any examples to look at to see it working that I could see how it was done successfully.




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Lauren Connelly

Hi Becky and Kalena!

I'd love to help! Using layers can be compliant as long as the user is notified when the screen changes. For example, if you have feedback after a quiz question then you might want to add alt text to the Submit button that says "Click this button to see if you answered correctly". 

If you have a file that I can take a look at, feel free to attach it to this discussion! You can also upload it privately to me by using this link.