Getting Question titles to appear in LMS reports instead of slide numbers?

Hi, Can anyone help me understand how I get the question titles to appear in reports on an LMS?

I am sure I will need to speak to the LMS provider but just want to cover all basis.

For example I want to see how many times learners have answered the question. "What is the definition of a Hazard". But in the LMS it shows "Scene1_Slide2_MultiChoice_0_0 [choice]" instead of the question title "What is the definition of a Hazard"?

Any help/advice is appreciated.



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David Price

What version of SCORM are you using?

We have the same problem with our LMS and when I looked into it a while ago I found something to do with the version of SCORM.  From what I could find out 1.2 and 2004 (early versions) only report back the slide details and not the contents of the question.  In TinCan however reporting has vastly improved and it does feed back the question text.

We have put this back to our LMS provider as it causes us problems with our reporting, but we are just waiting on a reply.

I'm no expert on SCORM and I found this from one article so I don't know if it is accurate or not.

Hope it helps though.