Getting Started/Trained in Instructional Design


I'm new to instructional design but have been interested in the area for many years now.  I'm a teacher/trainer at the moment and am trying to build up a portfolio of work/learn skills to be able to develop my own courses online and sell and get work at least part-time as a ID in the near future, preferably freelance.

I have been doing lots of research about the industry and I'm at the beginning of what I intend to be my entry into the world of e-learning. I work as a teacher/trainer in the UK (face to face) almost full time so I'm developing these skills on the side. 

I've looked into training and have found it a confusing  picture, I considered a postgraduate certificate but have found the courses very theory heavy (and expensive!) and I'm keen to get practical, create a great portfolio and network and build this way. 

I feel totally overwhelmed by how much I feel I need to learn so I wondered if anyone can anyone recommend any good online courses that might help give me more of a structure, or the order of what to learn first... I don't know where to start sometimes! 

Many thanks.





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Judy Nollet

Hi, Rebecca,

You're already teacher/trainer, so I'd say you have plenty of knowledge about Instructional Design. Yes, eLearning is different from ILT, but the same theories about learning apply. 

IMHO, the best use of your time is to develop proficiency in your choice of eLearning software (which, since you're posting here in the forum, I presume is Articulate software).

The typical suggestion for developing your portfolio is to complete the weekly eLearning Challenges. I'd also recommend transferring some of the in-person training you do into eLearning lessons. That would help you learn the software and give you real-world experience in eLearning ID. (Programming skills are necessary. But so is the ability to organize content in a meaningful and engaging way.) 

Good luck!