Going Rate for Freelance Work


My organization is looking to contract out an online training. What is the current hourly rate?  I recorded an in class version of the training, have the PPT, speakers notes, and also will have the interactions that I want in the training.  Time wise, I don't have the time to spend on designing the training.  

Also, it's on telecommuting. Does anybody know of companies that already have an off the shelf training that can be customized?

Any assistance on pricing would be helpful.

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Surya Koduri

If I understood you correctly, your organization has a working LMS or planning to have one. You need your PowerPoint to be converted into an online SCORM module.

What country is your organization located.

Price for designing a course in storyline may vary. It can start at $20 an hour. What the developer need to know is where you want to publish it and what do you want to track. (Complete/incomplete or Fail/Pass)

Hope this helps.