Good sources of content to help me develop curricula?

Hi, heroes. I need to access evidence- or research-based content that is written by people experienced in the field of child welfare, who hold a Masters. 

How do you handle it when you develop training as an independent contractor/company, but you are not an expert on the subject? Most courses I developed were done in a large corporation with SME's readily available. 

Do you contact random experts and offer to pay for their expertise? What would the rate of pay be for such a venture, if any? Would an expert be satisfied if they were credited for providing knowledge for a worthy cause?  I plan to use materials from US and state government sites. What else can you suggest?

Thanks in advance. -Jill

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Daniel Brigham

Jill: I'm not sure I quite understand your situation. You are contracting with a company that wants to develop a piece of training, but there are no experts at that company to help with content? Do they want to sell the training or something? A little bit more context might help.

Do you have a pretty big university or college near-by? Sounds like you are going to need access to child-welfare related databases, the ones larger universities subscribe to.