Got a job interview using Articulate. Any tips?

Hey guys, I'm relatively new to using Articulate Storyline. I have picked it up quickly but was wondering if you had any tips for me. I have a job interview which is for a job in which you make e-learning courses using Storyline. For my interview I have to teach the panel about a subject or hobby I am passionate about. This could be done with "storyboards, powerpoint, leaflets, or any e-learning software". As I know the company uses Articulate Storyline, I thought I would use that.

My selected hobby was guitar playing. So I am creating a course entitled: Learning Guitar: The Basics. I have already covered parts of a guitar and what they do, and basic musical theory, explaining the notes and how the notes transpose to a fretboard. The parts of a guitar section involves clickable images that display lightboxes of information. The musical theory section is then text with diagrams. Towards the end of the musical theory is a clickable guitar in which you can play the open strings to note how they sound. Following on from that is a 15-fret 6-string interactive guitar, with every note available. This is simply for the user to get to know the fretboard and notice patterns (this really helps with musical composition and working out how to play songs). Finally, there is a quiz, asking the user questions about musical theory using a character.

My next section is reading guitar tablature, aiming to only consist of one or two slides. Then I planned to include a few slides on Power Chords, Barre Chords and Common chords, again using clickable buttons to play the sound of those chords, but with the addition of video footage that shows the chords being played for real. 

Basically, this is my plan, and I would love it if you guys had any tips or do's and dont's for me.


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Jackie Van Nice

Well, right away when you mentioned showing the musical notes on the guitar I thought of the barbershop quartet slider I did for a recent challenge. I've already shared the file, and if you're on SL2 it would be a striking way to demonstrate the notes on each string along with the notation - plus it would be fun to play with the strum effect when you slide across quickly.

Even if you didn't want to use it for this, it might be a musical idea you could use in the future! Here's my post about it - the links to download the slider file and pictogram file are at the end:

Best of luck on your interview!

Jordan Defty

Thanks for the reply Jackie! That is a very entertaining slider haha. Due to time constraints I would find it hard to implement it to a guitar fretboard in time. I've finished my interactive guitar at the moment so I might stick with it, but in the future I would certainly implement that slider. I've attached a picture to show you the slide :)