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I am working on a new quiz and need guidance.  I am trying to help reinforce learner's knowledge by changing the graded question interaction.  Specifically, I want my learners to make their selection then press "submit."  Once they do, a custom layer will pop up, inform the learner the answer is wrong and show the learner why the selection is incorrect.  I do not want the simple correct/incorrect feedback to display.  I tried using hotspots and triggers but can't seem to find the correct "recipe."  Any assistance is appreciated!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jay,

You have the power to completely customize the default Correct and Incorrect Feedback layers.

  • Switch to the blank Feedback layout, and then add what you want.
  • Adjust the Master Feedback layouts.


So go ahead and use the built-in graded-question programming to show the appropriate layer after the learner clicks Submit, but "show the learner why the selection is incorrect" in whatever way you want.

FYI: Here's info about adjusting the Feedback Master to allow for more customization: