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Michelle Adams

Hi Nicole,

Attached you will find a screen print of the tutorial with graphics we were inquiring about. 

I do have a second question…..is there any way to make static characters into animated characters?  So for example, if I wanted to take one of the illustrated characters in Storyline and make their arm move with the pointer in it how would I go about doing that?

Sorry we have LOTS of questions we are just starting to use this AMAZING tool, so gathered in a room for a week and just trying to figure it all out!

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

Nicole Legault

Hi Michelle!

Thanks for posting the graphic you were referring to. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where that specific example file is located or even if it's available for the public... But it's a pretty simple graphic, so I recreated it for you in Storyline, and attached the .story file here.

It's a simple drag and drop Freeform slide, and you can edit the interaction to work however you want, but at least it's a starting point.  I'm also going to provide this link for the step-by-step tutorial on how to edit and work with a Freeform drag-and-drop interaction in case you have questions about how to make edits.

About your question about illustrated characters... animating them is not a feature that is currently available in Storyline. It would definitely make a great feature request, but at the moment you can't animate their arms/legs. etc. However, you can add entrance and exit animations to your characters.

Don't forge to check out E-Learning Examples and the Showcase to view really awesome examples of what's possible with Articulate tools If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! We're here to help!

Jerson  Campos

Hey Michelle,

One option for adjusting the characters to fit your need is to export them and take them into an image editing application. If you right click on the character, you can save it as a picture to your desktop. Then you can make some minor adjustments as needed. If you have a graphic designer available, they can probably make these adjustments easily.

Another option is my site. I sell characters that are compatible with storyline. I also create custom characters as well.