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jayanta adhikari

It is already 10PM in India. My 2 years old kid is yelling to get my attention! But I need to submit my entry; so here am I. 

Finished the diner, uploaded my entry. This is my first entry, and hope to get good review; though I know, this is not the best one. 

Hope to see other's entry too. 

Hey David, when can we see other's entry too?

Paul Alders

I'm glad that I participated. Feels like it was the most challenging month ever....planning, designing, tweaking and testing. At the moment I feel a kind of emptiness...Glad that the e-learning challenges are still there! 

BUT FIRST I'll enjoy a nice glass of red wine and a summer evening on the terrace ...

Jackie Van Nice

Hey Jeff!

I'd have loved to spend the last month making something brand spanking guru-new - that was the plan! But many things happened in the meantime and instead of doing that I ended up leveraging 1200+ hours of challenge work to create some entries I'm proud of. So mine may feel quite familiar to you. :)

Like you, I'm looking forward to seeing the extraordinary work everyone else has done. It's quite exciting!

Jackie Van Nice

Oh IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII see what you're saying. No - not all linked together. What a user nightmare to be confronted with 80+ entries. :)

You've earned a break, Phil! I think Joanna needs to share her beach, Paul needs to share his glass of wine, and Nancy needs to share her heating pad/pain meds.

That kind of sounds like a good party.