Hand-drawn graphics using Powerpoint in Office 2013 does not render well


We have a new style guide, which is based on hand-drawn graphics built within Powerpoint 2013, but when published using Storyline 2 - the output totally gets messed up.

I have attached a document with the screenshots.

What could we do resolve this issue? Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!




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Mike Taylor

Sorry didn't notice the 'hand drawn effect' in your PDF. You can fill the shapes in Storyline with your hand-drawn effect image just like you can in PowerPoint. Bummer that it doesn't come through via the PPT import. 

Just right-click the shape » click the Fill tab and select Picture or texture fill... and then Insert your hand drawn image file using the File... button. 

If you have any trouble, feel free to share your original PowerPoint file or the hand-drawn image file and I'm happy to give it a try for you.