Hand written font question

Does anyone know what is that hand written font that Tom Kuhlmann often uses in his tutorials?  Also, is that font free, if not, do you know of a free hand written font that works well.  I did tried to use the free hand written font from this download site, but for some words, it gave me a lot of spaces between characters, so it didn't really work for me

Any directions will really help. Thanks

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Alice - here's a forum thread where someone else asked the same.  http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/15075/87367.aspx

Unfortunately Skippy Sharp isn't free, but have you tried all of the fonts in the downloads area? I find the one called Shane is really nice and looks legible and consistent: http://community.articulate.com/downloads/p/745.aspx

You could also check out some of the handwriting fonts at DaFont... check the licensing on them though; some require a small fee (usually like $5) if you plan to use them for commercial projects.