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James Brown

Q. You have a digital camera correct and a tripod? Take a piece of fluorescent green poster board (i.e. the color of green screen) that you may buy at Walmart, Target, or a local craft store. Put your camera on the tripod and then put your hands over the board and start taking photos of your hands or other people's hands. Enlist the help of your office workers, friends, or your kids friends. You could also use green felt as the background. It does not reflect the light as much as the poster board. The main thing is with green screen, it's easy to remove the background and with Adobe Premiere Elements and Power Point, removing or you could even replacing the background with something else. Anyway this allows you to create exactly what you want.

James Brown

Clip art is ... ok... but to be honest how long are you going to spend searching for a hands with the correct pose? You could search Flickr's creative commons or simply make your own.  Tripods are cheap ($19), everyone and their brother have digital cameras, and a piece of green poster board or felt will cost you $2.00. So for $21 to $25 you can honestly make you own images that are copyright free and yours to use.

BTW -to search Flickr for Creative Commons Images

1. Go to www.flickr.com

2. In the search box type Hands (upper right hand corner of screen)

3. Click on the "Advanced Search" next to the blue search box near the top of the screen.

4. Scroll down and click the box that says, "Search Creative Commons Images only."

5. Check the box that says "Find content to use Commercially."

6. Check the box that says "Find content to adapt, modify, or build on."

7. Click the blue search button

Now browse until you heart is content and feel free to use anything that pops up and make sure you license it accordingly. Some CC images only request credit and nothing else.

Marti Stemm

Just a tip on taking your own or other's hands.  I had a videographer intern and she took hands for me with the HD video camera.  (We had manicures first. :&lt  African American Manager and I moved our hands into lots of different poses pretending to hold items, front back single and multiple fingers etc.  You can even do sign language action or letters.  .  Since she was using the video camera she got lots of perspective and could get a still at any position or angle as our hands moved.   

After she "grabbed" the still frames, we removed the background in PowerPoint 2010 and saved in our Picture Gallery "Hands" folder.  We still have the Video if we need to make grab another angle or spotting.   Saves time on "posing, or getting your angles etc just right for that single shot.