Happy Halloween - Free Zombie Character

It's that time of year again, when there's pumpkin flavored everything and zombies.  Since we can't make pumpkin flavored eLearning, I decided to make a Zombie Illustrated character available for free.  Just my way of saying thanks for all the support.

Attached is the Storyline compatible file.  I haven't tested it out with Studio '13, but it should work.

You can also see his background story here.

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Brent deMoville

I love Rigger!  Thank you for sharing.  I would love to know how you built the .acp file.  Is there a guideline for the structure that defines where each emotion resides and how it is defined?  Your work is definitely inspiring.  Thanks again.

By the way, the Storyline worked fine for me in preview mode but I had installed Rigger.  It took me a while to figure out where the .acp files were located but once I found them and extracted the file it worked great.  All that would have gone much faster had I opened your readme file first and read the clear instructions.  

Jerson  Campos


Thanks for the comments. There is no documentation on how to build the acp files. I had to figure it out on my own through a lot of trial and error. I've been meaning to do a screenr but I've been booked solid creating custom characters.


Thanks for all the comments and feedback. I really appreciate it. I plan on doing something special for the holidays (Xmas/New Years) as well. Anyone have any ideas?