Harassment Training for Managers in CA (2 hour requirement) - lookiing for demo

Hi all,

Wanted to check with the community to see if any of you offer off-the-shelf elearning courses on the topic of Harassment Training for Supervisors, which is a required 2 hour course?  I would like a course that I can demo to the decision makers, so it needs to be one that is ready to go, in case they want to preview the entire course.  We currently have an online course however we are looking for something different.  The one we have is somewhat static with not a ton of things to keep a learner visually interested.  If your company has an off-the-shelf course or you know of a vendor that I should check out...let me know.



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Dave Neuweiler

Hello Dana, years ago I facilitated a few of the Civil Treatment courses from ELI. Although these were instructor-led, they do offer online versions. You can get more information here:


What you might find interesting is that there are two sets of courses; one for managers/leaders, and the other for employees.



Bob S

To Dave's point...

Under the California laws, a separate course for managers/leaders is required and that is the one that has the 2-hour prescribed duration (along with key content areas and frequency of re-certification). So you will want to make sure you partner with a vendor that offers separate versions for employees vs managers.

Not sure if you do business in other states, but some such as Connecticut et al also have a 2-yr re-training requirement (but no prescribed course length) for supervisors now.  Just another reason to partner with a specialized vendor/pro in this arena as keeping track of the changing laws can be daunting for a typical full-service corporate training department.