Hard to read screen shots

I am having issues with fuzzy/hard to read screen shots taken of  a software program.  I am working on a Patient Information entry program (Name, Date of Birth, etc.) that has text fields and drop down menus.  I have tried using the Storyline 2 screen clipping tool and the Windows 8 snipping tool neither gave me crisp easy to read screen shots.    Is there a trick I am missing.  I have read that the image file type doesn't matter and that Storyline will optimize the image.  Is there better screen shot tool I should be using?  I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you,  Mark   

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Mary Ward

I don't know if this will work for you, but I always increase my view to 150% for screen shots.  Increasing the size of the view in the application ensures nice clean clear shots, as the application is doing the enlarging.  For screen shots, I use Snag It and have for years, it is the best tool I have ever found!