Has anyone ever used SitePal in their presenations

Mar 01, 2012

Hello all! Does anyone know if SitePal is compatible with Articulate. I am creating an interactive scenario type course with some talking character and I found this site called SitePal where you can download characters with text to speech functionality. The site has a plugin for both PowerPoint presentations and publishing to Flash. I was wondering if anyone else had used this or if anyone had some recommendations other than a person clip out and audio overlay. Thanks!

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Gil Sideman

Hi Tiffany -

Yes - SitePal does work with Articulate.

Here is a sample page we created -


Here are detailed instructions for embedding your SitePal in Articulate -

* Get the Flash (AS3) Embedding Code.

* On the Sitepal publish screen you will an option ‘Embed in Flash’, under this- copy the AS3 code and insert the code as a ‘Web Object’ in Articulate.

Note- The object will not run locally, needs to be on a Host. And, the Object will be visible in the published presentation and the link will be shown as a Placeholder in Powerpoint.

Hope this helps,


SitePal Team

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