Has anyone used EduBrite LMS

I'm looking for an LMS that is reasonably priced with subscription fees, cloud based, feature rich, without being too complex for my less than 100 person company's first LMS.  I've used trial versions of a few I've found noted in various Hero conversations.  But I found one call EduBrite (www.edubrite.com) that seems to be just what I want. 

I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with them.  If so, how did it handle your Storyline courses, reporting on interactions, quiz, slides viewed, etc?  They seem to be a small startup (2008) but I'm so impressed by the interface and functionality!  

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Sherrie!

Welcome to the forums, and thank you for posting! Sounds like you are doing your due diligence by checking with the community to see if anyone has used this tool before... however, I've done a search of the forums and unfortunately have not come up with any other posts from community members who have experience using this LMS tool.

Sorry we can't help you out more at this point.... I'd recommend you still do some Google searches to look for reviews and other peoples experiences with the tool.

If I see anything else about EduBrite LMS in the forums, I'll post the link here to keep you posted!