Have you ever had the client pick the themes for the design?

Have you ever had a client who had a theme (or themes) in mind for a single course?  And, lets say these 3 theme ideas may not mesh with each other, what do you do?  (just for fun the purpose of the course is to correct a behavior, and the client wants cement, carnival, and urban as the design elements for the course, what are your next steps?

I am not the project lead so this truly hypothetical.  My thought is to have some type of design discussion with the SMEs as a group and somehow convince them to allow trust me for the design and promise to mock up a few samples before I dive into the project, am I on the right track? 

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Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Dana, sometimes I think it is easier when a client knows what they want, versus those that tell you they don't like what you've done, but can't tell you why, or what they would like instead. 

Actually, I don't think it would too difficult to combine cement, urban and carnival ideas together.  The carnival can take place in an urban area, urban areas usually have cement.  The carnival theme sounds like it could be a lot of fun to do.   I think that mocking up a few slides is a good way to sell anyone on your vision.  In my experience, many people can't visualize something until they see it in front of them.

Dana Kocalis

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your encouragement.  Sometimes I get blocked and can't think how something is possible.  But, because you stated it would be fun to do, I attempted combining two of the options for the real project (which is brick, strongman in old time-y, and circus).  I haven't added the bricks yet, but I cam up with this as the opening slide. 

Bob S

My first thought when I heard those words was.... Coney Island, NY

The other thing I can think of would be World's Fair from years past... This would let you tie in a particular era  or city as needed to match the company.   For example.... if it's a high-tech type company maybe the Chicago world's fair with the lightbulbs, if it's an international company then one of the world's fairs from London, Paris, etc

Hope this helps.