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Jim Powell

Hi everyone. Thanks for the input. The video that Simcha posted is really helpful!

I'm just trying to understand from a conceptual standpoint how it all comes together. 

It seems to me that you have to create a goanimate video for each point in a branching scenario so in the case of this course there were two individuals and two interactions between the new employee and the coworkers so there has to be a branch where the interaction with both of the coworkers was bad, a branch where both of the interactions were good and then yet a third branch where one was good and one was bad. Anyway this is very helpful thank you for posting the video.

Lars Eversmann

This is one of my example. I tried to produce my first combination with goanimate and articulate. https://360.articulate.com/review/content/35e65f64-8a68-4436-90d8-6a8b099dfea9/review

I used the text to speech. Sometime the audio is a little too robotic but I have any budget for this nuggets.