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Lisa Knight

I'm having similar trouble with the float animation - fine in powerpoint and is applied to a group imaged of a cloud with text on it.  When published the cloud shape separates from the text and appears half off screen right away from the text?  Articulate says it supports this and zoom but same issue.  Any thoughts?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Lisa - is the cloud something you drew on your slide as a PowerPoint shape? I've seen a few instances where that shape in particular behaves oddly on publish. You might try taking a look at this article... although the issue described there is different than the problem you're having, the suggested solution (making a very small edit to one of the points on the shape) might take care of the problem.

Another thing to check is your regional and language settings. It might seem strange, but sometimes that will affect the way animated movements are calculated during publishing, and in certain situations the animations might appear misplaced or skewed.