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Hello all,

Just wanted to know if anyone had experience creating health and safety/fire safety e-learning in Articulate? I was wondering what the requirements are to create this because of the safety element i.e. does the content need to be approved from someone in your HS&E department? Do they need any specific type of qualification? etc...

I ask as most purchasable solutions seem to be quite generic and I can't seem to find much information on the subject doing a general search online, so any advice would be appreciated.



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Patti Bryant

Hi Adam!

I've created a Crisis Management course for a corporation before. Since it all dealt with policies within the organization, I created the content in conjunction with the appropriate departments and had it approved by them. But, I'd say it depends on the situation, regarding the direction you should take.

Keepin' the joy,

Adam Amin

Thanks Patti!

I'm looking into this as most HS&E e-learning seems to be quite standard and nothing special about them. Considering the number of people that I want to access the courses, it would be a considerable licence fee for any company, so it seems logical to develop something in-house rather than pay yearly licence fees.

Thanks for pointing the policies out, it's an area I can investigate and see what is available.

Cheers :)


Laura M

Hi Adam,

I would say depending on the specific safety topic, you could do a few different things.

For example, we have a general safety course that was created in-house in conjunction with our Safety Specialist at that time, based on the classroom presentation he was providing specific to our site and policies. Now I work with the current Safety Specialist to tweak/update as changes are made to our site or to regulations to make sure the content is relevant and accurate.

For our Hazard Communication course, we used an off-the-shelf e-learning course that we added basic customization to. Our employees that work with hazardous materials receive more in-depth training on the specific materials, as well as training on our local hazard communication plan, so it made sense to provide a more generic introduction that covered the basics for everyone via the e-learning course. I work with our local Chemical Hygiene Officers to review and update content there.

In both cases, these people are viewed as the SMEs for these areas and are also the contacts for employees after completing training if they have questions or ideas for improving our current safety programs.

Cary Glenn

Hi Adam,

I've been developing and delivering safety training for my employers for over 10 years now. In some courses I've got certifications as a trainer from an outside body and I was delivering the content in-person so I already had a level of expertise. I also had experience with emergency management and rescue, which helped. I will probably get additional certification as a safety professional in the near future.

Sometimes I have no experience with the subject, then I always review applicable legislation, our policies and procedures, CSA or ANSI codes, and information from SME in the field and HSE Advisors, as I am developing the course. All of my courses are reviewed by my manager, the manager of the appropriate HSE department, and at least one HSE advisor. HSE managers and advisors are allowed to comment on the accuracy of information not on course design.

I've worked with companies where employees sometimes have significant exposure to hazards and safety is taken very seriously. I've found that off-the-shelf courses do not meet our needs.

Adam Amin

Thanks Cary. I've done a bit more digging and found information in regards to legislation and UK HS&E information. I was worried about copyright issues, but they've got a section detailed what can be used and for what purposes, which is quite helpful.

I think that the off-the-shelf courses can sometimes be a little over the top. Some of our current users have said they would prefer less information as they would be able to digest this better. It's going to be a bit of a balancing act trying to get the right information across and also making sure that we are giving them the right amount of info and not too little.

Thanks again.